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LAN PARTY - Saturday, June 5th - Valembrosa
Vale of Shades
LAN PARTY - Saturday, June 5th
The next big LAN PARTY will be on Saturday, June 5th, starting around 2pm, going until we can't go any longer (last time, that meant 4 or 5am)!

I'd really like to have at least 8 gaming computers at this party, the more the better (10+ would be great)! So if you are a PC gamer, you are within two hours of Redding, and you are fun-positive (i.e. no excessive verbally abusive and/or annoying posturing - I want everyone excited, fun and happy, not all put-down - thanks), I want YOU at my LAN party!

Following are details to make sure you're prepared BEFORE you arrive, so we don't spend 2 - 3+ hours setting up, configuring, installing, patching, etc.

Things provided:
- Internet
- 8 port gigabit switch (wireless-G available, but that sucks for a large LAN party)
- Some drinks and snacks

First come, first serve:
- Some assorted lengths of ethernet cabling of occasionally dubious quality
- A couple folding tables and chairs

- Your own table and chair
- Your gaming computer with monitor, keyboard, mousing device and mouse pad (I know, seems obvious - don't ask)
- Surge suppressor/power bar
- Your own LONG ethernet cable (i.e. 15 - 20+ feet)
- Plenty of free hard drive space for additional game installs
- Headphones (or speakers)
- Money for pizza and drink runs (I'm right around the corner from Safeway and Shasta Pizza)

Games you can expect:
- Unreal Tournament 2004 (or maybe UT3 if all the systems can handle it!)
- Dawn of War (original and all expansions - or maybe II?)
- Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (saber battles RULE!)
- Scorch3D
- Battlefield (1942, 2142, or v2 - depending on system specs present)

Other possibilities:
- Farcry
- Shattered Horizon
- FreeSpace 2 (with FreeSpace Open mods - bring your joystick!!)
- MechWarrior
etc... If you bring it and enough people want to play it, then we will!

Please RSVP either here or via direct email so I may tally attendance. If you have friends that meet the above mentioned civility requirements, get them to come, too!

(p.s. witness my mad copy/paste skillz :D)

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sa_briel From: sa_briel Date: June 1st, 2010 04:34 am (UTC) (Link)
Me! Me!! I'll be there!
th3_shiv From: th3_shiv Date: June 1st, 2010 09:50 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'll be there, possibly +1 gamer.
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