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Vale of Shades

9 August 1977
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Born in Northern California (*true* northern cal - as in actually north of Sacramento!), I grew up there, never moving once. Moved to the SF Bay Area, California for school. Failed out my first semester (::wry grin::), but got a part time contracting position with a hardware company (via a programming classmate from school). Not long after I went full time with a software company and have been working full time software jobs since. When the market went sour, I moved back northwards to accept a position with a small but stable software company and have been with them since.

More sordid details. I can only remember a few images per year prior to 3rd or 4th grade... and nothing prior to my last year of preschool. Elementary school in general was fine. I recall excelling at whatever I found interesting, and ignoring what bored me. This meant that I had lots of potential, but there were a few years here and there that I could be found staying after school to do the boring homework, or getting teacher signatures on notes regarding what homework I had to do, etc. All things said and done, I did well enough to participate in GATE and my parents were proud of me. Yay.

High School saw my rapid decline into uncaring boredom with the regular curriculum. My favorite example was my refusal to read the assigned literature in English. I just flat out refused. A couple times the teachers even realized how futile it was to attempt force their personal view points of "good" and "bad" literature on me and allowed me to do alternate work of my own choice. I REALLY enjoyed gymnastics during these years. Drafting was also a good class. I wish there had been more time for the Advanced Vocals class.

Senior year (12th grade), I attended college rather than high school. It was a fledgling program designed to allow students who were ready to jump into college a year early, yet still earn high school credits at the same time so they could still graduate normally. It was a GREAT program and it saved me. In 9th grade I had received A's and B's. Then in 10th it was B's and C's. Come 11th it was C's and D's. You see the pattern. However, the change of scene brought me back to A's and B's. Not only that, I finally got away from my small town school where everyone "knew me" (or thought they did) and I was able to break out and become much more social. It was a major turning point in my life.

Jumping ahead, I'm going to skip over the years since then to now. Another time I'll write more on them, but I want to talk about the present. I currently rent a two-bedroom house and hold a reasonable full time software engineering position with a small company. I stay fit, keeping off that stereotypical programmers gut and generally poor physique with my Shotokan Karate, Myo Sim Kendo, and Western Circle of Swordfighters training, some raquetball when I find someone to play, and my weekend sports of biking, roller-blading, snowboarding, backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, etc.

Finally, here's a quick peek at my life! This photo is the last available image from my webcam.

My Web Cam!

Lastly, I -occasionally- post revealing photos. It's sporadic at best, but it happens. If you want to be privy to those kinds of posts, then contact me by responding to a journal entry or via email or instant message and I'll add you to my very special filter group that is given access to such things. If you don't want to see such things, then just browse on through. As of this time, I have posted nearly every other item as Public and don't forsee that policy changing.