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Vale of Shades
I am intrigued enough to be an early adopter.
Emotiv Epoch Neural Computer Headset

I just ordered it. :)

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I just had another cool idea for luxury vehicles. The car would come with a set of special insulated beverage cups with specially designed for the cup holder, where the base of the cup would naturally orient the cup the same direction every time (essentially, sippy side toward the back of the vehicle). The cup holder would be mechanized and linked to the accelerator and steering wheel, so when you take a turn, the cup holder would rotate the cup with the turn, and when you accelerate the holder would tip back. In this way, your cup would never slosh out. Braking should be a non issue due to the directional nature of a sipping lid. A more advanced version could even have pressure sensors to detect liquid movement as it sloshes and make micro adjustments to counter act and neutralize the sloshing motion.

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It has been far too long since we entered into virtual battle! I am hosting a PC LAN party on Sunday, November 22nd. I anticipate games such as Unreal Tournament and Dawn of War, and possibly Far Cry. If we get enough people, perhaps some version of Battlefield. I still like mech games, so maybe some MechWarrior or HeavyGear or equivalent. I also just rediscovered Scorched-3D, a modern version of the old Scorched Earth artillery game. Or there's Worms (but Scorched3D is free - and classic!).
The party should begin around 1pm and run into the night. We'll get some pizza or some such for dinner. Maybe make some burgers, depending on the weather.
You have been advised.

Edit -
Here's the usual packing list when preparing to come:detailsCollapse )

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Over the weekend I finally unloaded my voice recorder with my various notes from while I am driving hither and yon. Of them, there are a couple ideas I'd like to possibly develop and maybe attempt to market. Due to these aspirations, this blog will be somewhat vague on the first one, which is a spiffy headlight visor to help with night driving on the more rural highways. The other idea has to do with a speed and tachometer windscreen HUD. I did some research and there are several luxury cars sporting this stock, and there are a few aftermarket products that have come out over the years, but they are few and far between and they could be done better and/or with a lower sticker price.

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Oh LJ, how the mighty have fallen from grace. I once frequented your pathways and links regularly, but lately it's more like once a week... or so. Now everyone is on Facebook (or Twitter). Sure, they're pretty and fresh, but they just don't do journaling like you do.

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Ordered some new winter tires today so I'll be able to cruise around with confidence as the rain and snow comes down. :)

Yokohama Ice Guard IG20

195/55R-15 85T BW

I went back to 195mm tires for the winter due to cost, availability, chains fit, and marginally better at resisting hydroplaning. I was actually on the fence over some 195mm Falken Eurowinters that have a slightly sportier dry tread or the 205mm Hankook Icebear, also with a sportier tread, but the sales guy sold me on the Yokohama's as the best winter performer with a dry performance that would still be just fine.

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EDIT: CHP stopped a man riding my motorcycle and recovered it. The only significant damage found thus far is the ignition and related wiring are all messed up.

Original Post:
Last night, between 1AM and 7:30AM, my black and chrome 2002 Kawasaki ZX6 Ninja was stolen from my driveway, license plate [snip] (recessed in the rear wheel well), with a custom tail end and flush tail turn singnal lights. There is also a bright green electrical wire often visible behind the fairing on the right side. I have the only known key still and have reported it to Redding Police. Engine number [snip].

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People put a lot of signifigance on numbers, especially dates and times, but it's all a bunch of nonsense because numbers are an invention of the human mind and largely subjective. Calendars vary from culture to culture, hours and minutes could just as easily be flemings or cycles and grands. I had more to say on this, but I have work to do. Here are some interesting links.

Systems of Time
Wikipedia - Time
Metric Time

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I feel like I'm really just kind of middle-ground in the developer arena - I know what I'm doing, but there are other people that are much more "in the know" - but out of the six or so questions I've posted on Experts Exchange, I've only recieved useful feedback once, maybe twice, and in all other cases I typically received responses that did not pertain to or solve my issue and I either solved my own problem or simply closed the question with no solution. Am I really that cutting edge? Rheatorical - obviously my readers can't answer that - and a bit plaintive, but it can be frusterating when I'm attempting to solve something that I feel someone must have come across before, and yet there are no answers to be found until I ferret out my own solution.

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So true, so true.
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Hey Megan, it's your father. How do I print out a flowchart?


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