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LAN PARTY - Saturday, January 9th - Valembrosa
Vale of Shades
LAN PARTY - Saturday, January 9th
Yes, the next big LAN PARTY will be on Saturday, January 9th, starting around 2pm, going until we can't go any longer.

I'd really like to have at least 8 gaming computers at this party, the more the better (10+ would be great)! So if you are a PC gamer, you are within two hours of Redding, and you are fun-positive (i.e. no verbally abusive and/or annoying posturing - I want everyone excited, fun and happy, not all put-down - thanks), I want YOU at my LAN party!

Things provided:
- Internet
- 8 port gigabit switch (wireless-G available, but that sucks for a large LAN party)
- Some drinks and snacks

First come, first serve:
- Some assorted lengths of ethernet cabling of occasionally dubious quality
- A couple folding tables and chairs

- Your own table and chair
- Your gaming computer with monitor, keyboard, mousing device and mouse pad (I know, seems obvious - don't ask)
- Surge suppressor/power bar
- Your own LONG ethernet cable (i.e. 15 - 20+ feet)
- Plenty of free hard drive space for additional game installs
- Headphones (or speakers)
- Money for pizza and drink runs (I'm right around the corner from Safeway and Shasta Pizza)

Games you can expect:
- Unreal Tournament 2004 (or maybe UT3 if all the systems can handle it!)
- Dawn of War (original and all expansions - or maybe II?)
- Battlefield (1942, 2142, or v2 - depending on system specs present)
- Scorch3D
- Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (saber battles RULE!)

Other possibilities:
- Farcry
- Shattered Horizon
- FreeSpace 2 (with FreeSpace Open mods - bring your joystick!!)
- MechWarrior
etc... If you bring it and enough people want to play it, then we will!

Please RSVP either here or via direct email so I may tally attendance. If you have friends that meet the above mentioned civility requirements, get them to come, too!

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